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Skidompha Public Library Policies

Skidompha Library supports and enriches our community by fostering literacy, providing ready access to information resources, encouraging lifelong learning and promoting cultural and social interactions.

In general, Skidompha subscribes to the American Library Association (ALA) Code of Ethics and other ALA policies that are relevant to Skidompha.

Governance and financial oversight shall be the responsibility of the Library’s Board of Directors. 

Bequests and Gifts Policy
The Library welcomes memorial bequests, gifts honoring special occasions and general gifts.  At the request of the donor, the Library will affix memorial bookplates to items purchased with the funds.  For major or unusual gifts, Skidompha’s Gift Acceptance Policy is available upon request. Items donated, or purchased with bequests and monetary gifts, must meet the Library's collection development criteria.


Equal Access Policy
Library programs and facilities will be accessible to all, regardless of race, color, nationality, age, religion, political affiliation, educational background, sexual preference, or physical limitation.  In accordance with applicable ADA regulations, the Library’s facilities will remain fully accessible to those with physical disabilities.

Hours of Operation Policy
Routinely, the Library is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9a.m. to 5p.m.; on Thursdays from 9a.m. to 7p.m.; and on Saturdays from 9a.m. until 1p.m.  The Library is normally closed on Sundays and Mondays. Hours of operation may be modified from time to time and during certain seasons.  Public notice will be given in advance of changes.

Severe Weather Closings Policy
When weather conditions affect the safety of roads, the Director will determine whether to close the Library.  When possible, notice of closings will be posted on local television stations and on the Library's answering machine.

Power Outages Policy
The Director will determine whether to close the Library after two hours without power, as temperature and air quality within the facility may be compromised.

Programs/Special Events Policy
In its role as a center of community activity, the Library will remain available as a venue for programs and events that encourage reading, discussion, cultural enrichment, and lifelong learning.

The Library welcomes the use of its conference room, its informal meeting spaces, and of the Charles Talbot Porter Meeting Hall for educational, civic, and cultural purposes of a not-for-profit nature, and by businesses.  Rental fees may apply to any group or organization.  After-hour use of the facilities and also library technology will require a contract.

Space will be made available to community groups regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members.  However, the Director will judge the suitability of groups’ requests for use of Skidompha facilities.  The Library’s own programs shall take precedence over any other use.  

Harassment Policy
The Library will strive to maintain an environment free of sexual, physical, and verbal harassment, and will deal seriously with allegations when they arise.  The Library recognizes that handling harassment situations of any type can be extremely sensitive and, so far as possible, will keep all complaints in strict confidence. The Director will formally review this policy with staff at least once a year.

Bulletin Boards Policy
The Library staff will post, rearrange, and remove posters and flyers from its bulletin boards as it sees fit.  Boards are restricted to not-for-profit causes, with priority given to the events within the local community.  Size limits may apply.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones may not be used in the Library, except where permission signs are displayed.  

Animals Policy
With the exception of service animals, pets will not be allowed in the Library.

No Smoking Policy
Smoking will not be allowed in the Library, or anywhere on Library property.

Food and Drink Policy
Only beverages in covered containers may be brought into the Library.


In support of its traditional reliance on the generous service of volunteers, the management of the Library and its Second Hand Book Store will recruit and train persons in the community who have the ability and the desire to serve.  

Staffing and Security
Staff will be hired by the Director to meet the Library’s needs.  For security purposes and to meet public service needs, two staff members will be on duty at all times whenever the Library is open.


Library Cards Policy
Membership in the Library will be free, with proof of residency, for persons living in towns providing municipal support.  At this time, those are Damariscotta, Newcastle, and Nobleboro.  Others may purchase household memberships for an annual fee, currently $40 for families and individuals. Students carrying their Lincoln Academy IDs may purchase membership for $5 a year.  Their LA student ID and Skidompha Card must be presented at each transaction. The Director may offer scholarships where hardship exists.

Confidentiality of Member’s Records Policy
Library systems will be designed to protect members’ privacy.  All member records will be treated as confidential by staff and volunteers. Member circulation records identifying Library users will not be made available to any government entity except under subpoena.

Circulation Policy
Items in the library circulate for two weeks.  Each item may be renewed unless there is a hold on it.  Materials cataloged as Reference and Genealogy do not circulate.

Fines Policy
The overdue fines schedule will be reviewed by the Director every two years.  Currently, overdue items accrue an extended use fee of $.10 a day.

Lost or Damaged Materials Policy
To maintain borrowing privileges, members must replace at the Library’s wholesale cost any items lost or badly damaged.

Policy for Protection of Children
The Library staff and volunteers do not supervise children or monitor their access to printed or electronic information.  This responsibility resides with a parent and/or guardian. Children age 5 and under cannot be left alone or unsupervised in the children’s room.  Children aged 6 to 9 may be left in the children’s room while a parent or guardian remains in other parts of the library. The Library reserves the right to contact enforcement agencies if children are left unattended for extended periods of time or are left unattended at closing time.

Internet Access Policy
The Library’s Internet Public Access computers will be available to users on a first-come, first-served basis.  Time will be limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting.  In peak usage, users may be limited to two 30-minute sessions per day.
Children under 13 years of age must have written permission from a parent or guardian in order to use the Library’s Internet Public Access computers.  

Internet Standards of Decency Policy
As protector of personal freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the Library does not select, monitor, or restrict access to the millions of Internet sites available.  However, users must observe the community’s and the Library’s standards of decency while in the Library.  In any Library campus location, whether using Library Internet computers or personally-owned computers, users must not view text or graphics that may be reasonably construed as pornographic or as not meeting standards of decency.

Termination of Privileges Policy
Users who abuse Internet Standards of Decency and refuse to modify their behavior will be directed to exit the Library.  Chronic abusers may be suspended from computer use for a period of time or permanently, upon determination by the Library Director and/or staff. The Library reserves the right to withhold any and all privileges from persons exhibiting disregard for Library materials, policies, or facilities, or behaving in ways which the Board, Director, or staff deem to be threatening, disrespectful, disruptive, not meeting community decency standards, or otherwise inappropriate.  Library staff may contact police if deemed advisable.


Collection Development Policy
The Library strives to respond to the community’s needs and desires in developing its collection.  Judgment as to the suitability of items is made by the Director and staff.  The Library features high interest materials, as well as materials of lasting value, in a variety of formats.  The result is a broad collection for reading, listening, and viewing, to suit the variety of tastes within the domain of current and anticipated community interests.  In addition to popular materials, and within budgetary constraints, staff selects reference, genealogical, local history, and circulating materials of long term significance to build a collection strong in depth and width.  The library does not collect specialized research materials, as this is the province of college, university and special libraries.

The Library’s Materials Selection Committee, whose members include the Director and the Adult Services staff, selects new books and audiovisual materials.  The Selection Committee meets monthly.  Donated items must meet the Library’s selection criteria.  Children’s and teens’ materials are selected in a similar manner by the staff managing those collections.

1) Likely demand; demonstrated or anticipated interest in works by a certain author or in a certain type of fiction
2) Appeal and creativity
3) Quality; including style, literary merit
4) Cost with respect to the Library's budget and particular need for the item

1) Likely demand, interest demonstrated or anticipated
2) Importance to the community
3) Accuracy, timeliness, objectivity, clarity, and general quality, including authority of author
4) Need with respect to books on the same subject already owned
5) Cost with respect to the Library's budget and particular importance of the item
6) Format

AUDIOBOOKS are selected according to the book criteria listed above.  The Library purchases unabridged editions whenever possible.

FILMS:  When selecting films, the Library gives priority to films of artistic merit, and book-based, international, independent, educational and instructional films.  Skidompha accepts donated films that meet the Library’s standards. The staff researches and discusses potential film purchases at the monthly selection meetings.  In all categories, patron recommendations are sought and considered.

RECORDINGS: The Library accepts donated recordings that meet the library’s standards.

Weeding/Withdrawal of Materials Policy
The Director and staff shall periodically weed the collection based on recognized weeding criteria generally used by public libraries.  These may include reliability or usefulness of information, circulation rate, duplication, wear and tear, and space constraints.

Interlibrary Loans Policy
Within the lending rules of the group of Minerva libraries to which Skidompha belongs, interlibrary loans will be requested for patrons.