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About Our Curious Name

The Skidompha Library Association is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization responsible for providing library programs and services to the residents of Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro and the greater Pemaquid Peninsula.


The name "Skidompha" reflects the history of the Association. In the 1880s, a social literary club was formed first to raise money for a new pipe organ at the Damariscotta Methodist Church, and later, to discuss and collect books prevalent at the time. 


"SKIDOMPHA" is an acronym formed from letters in the names of Skidompha's founding club members:


S = Ellie Stetson

K = Judie and Addie Kelsey

I = Ida Benner

D = Mrs. James David

O = Mrs. Osman Plummer

M = Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merry

P = Mary Pinkham

H = William K. Hilton

A = Jennie Ames


In 1905, the Skidompha Library Association was incorporated and its collection of 1476 books was given to the three towns (Damariscotta, Newcastle and Nobleboro,) as the start of a Free Public Library. The library was established over the Charles M. Jones Grocery Store on Main Street.


By 1922, the collection numbered more than 6000 volumes and more space was needed. The Skidompha Club joined with the Damariscotta-Newcastle Women’s Club to purchase the Dixon property on Main Street. In early October 1922, the Library reopened on the first floor of this historic 1803 house, and the Women’s Club used the second floor for meetings and social events.


In 1997, The Library Association was faced with the same problem as its predecessors over 75 years before: lack of space. The collection had grown significantly. Despite a modest addition to the Dixon House in the 1980s, there was simply not enough room to meet the demands of a growing and diverse population.



Barbara Cooney Porter, internationally acclaimed children’s book author/illustrator and Damariscotta resident, led the way to a new Library facility. Mrs. Porter’s munificent gift of $550,000 to Skidompha in 1997 launched an ambitious capital campaign for the New Skidompha. With the generous support of local residents, businesses and foundations, over $3.2 million was raised in the next few years. Doors to the new Library opened in May 2001.


The new Skidompha Public Library is a first class facility, designed to meet Library needs well into the future. 


And here's what we offer.